Monday, November 29, 2010

Do You Want to Own a Meth Lab?

With a title like that how could you not read?

Could you imagine being young and buying your very first house and then having it all taken away from you?
Could you imagine the government that is suppose to protect you letting you spend money on a house that is polluted with a harmful drug that could hurt you?
Well, Jenn and Rob know all too much how that feels.


They are a young couple who bought their first house, only to find out it was a meth house.
Yep that’s right someone use to cook meth in their house they just bought.

Jenn and Rob had no idea that this could even be an issue when buying a house. They got the all clear from the inspector and the state that the house was livable.

Now they have to pay $25,000.00 just to get the house CLEANED. So they can live there without headaches.

They have a wonderful blog explaining how to identify a house that has been used as a meth lab. So someone else does not end up in this hell on Earth situation
Our Meth House
On their blog they also have where you can donate to help them raise the money so they can live in their house. Isn’t that so sad? They spend all this money on a house only to have to start raising money to clean it.

CNN also did an article about them and it really goes through everything they have been through.

CNN also did a interview with them which you can see here.
In the video they say “I’m Jenn and I own a meth lab” and that gives me the chills.

If you have a spare dollar laying around, please help these wonderful people.
I know it’s the holidays and with the economy the way it is sometimes a dollar is a lot, so if you don’t have anything to donate please pass their story along.

With the huge community of D.I.Y, design, thrifty blogs behind them I know we can get them their dream home again!

I am going to put a donation button here on the blog post and on the front of my blog. You could write a post or point people in the direction of my blog or to their blog Our Meth House, their Facebook Our Meth House on Facebook.

I can’t imagine what they are going through. Thank you for your love and support.


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My life

I’m going to involve you in a big life decision. I don’t know how to decide. I have asked people close to me but they know me and I feel like they are telling me what I want to hear.

So my life has been a roller coaster since I met my husband. {Hence the blog name} And not always a bad roller coaster. Most times exciting! We had baby #1 and moved to Pittsburgh so he could go to school. Finished school and moved back home to Richmond, VA in hopes that’s where the government would put him. Had baby #2 and then we moved to Portland, ME. Turns out the government had other plans for him on where they wanted him to work. Six months in Portland and I couldn’t stand the cold so we got transferred down to Baltimore, because it was the closest airport to Richmond. I have been dying to get down to Richmond ever since we left. I miss my parents and my friends. I love my home but have no one to share it with besides my husband and kids. I wanted to move to Richmond and have lots of get togethers and get the whole family together for Christmas next year. Halloween parties, cookouts, you know the whole family and friends thing. Moving to Richmond would make my husband work out of town, at Dulles International. He would be gone 4 days out of the week. He could work at the Richmond airport but it is very slow and he would be very bored. Working at Dulles would bring in lots of money. LOTS! Which is always nice.

Ok enter the dilemma…

There is an offer out to move to Atlanta, GA. Atlanta would also pay a lot of money. My husband would get to come home every night but I wouldn’t be around my friends and family. Here is the big kicker, if we move to Atlanta they would give us a $27,000.00 moving bonus. Ahh! We could pay down some bills and buy a new car for my husband.
The cost of living down there is extremely good. Cost of living is good in Richmond too but the amount of house you get in Atlanta is….. a huge difference!



web pictures 056web pictures 058093101_DSCN4490

So there you have it. The pictures on the left are the house near Atlanta and the pictures on the right are a house in Richmond. Both the same price. The house in Atlanta has two fireplaces too =)

But I would have this nice big house and my family wouldn’t even be able to see it.

But the bonus.
But my family.
But paying down bills.
But my friends.
Being home with my husband.
Living near my mom.
Making new friends? If that is a possibility.
Raising my kids around their grandma and grandpa.

Also the city we would live in, in Georgia, Peachtree City is SO cute! I mean they drive their golf carts around town.

This is the golf cart bridge.

This is a golf cart path.

But do any of those things matter?

Without my mom?

My friends are grew up with?

So what would you do?

Would you take the leap and grab that $27,000.00 a pay down debt and buy a new car and live in Peachtree City and then eventually get back to Richmond. Or would you say screw the money and move home?

What do I do?!

If you want to see more beautiful houses in Peachtree City go here and here!
Ahh amazing!

Friday, November 26, 2010

An Easy Thanksgiving Table

That could also be a Christmas table.

I thought long and hard about my centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I really wanted it to be pretty big but not tall so we couldn’t talk back and forth. While browsing some Thanksgiving tables I ran across this picture:


Do you see the metal block they have going down the middle of the table? Well I loved it. I didn’t want metal but wood would be perfect.

I went to Home Depot and bought a 4x6 for $15 dollars. I got the most beat up one I could find!


I put one coat of stain on it and you could see all the imperfections, which is exactly what I wanted.


So it stands out from the table a bit but it also looks a part of the table!

After that I just added things I had around the house. Candlesticks with tapers and red beads that tied into the plates.


The beads I’ve had for years. The glass candlesticks and tapers were $1.00 for the Dollar Tree. The small candles with the glass holders were also $1.00 from the Dollar Tree. Last the silver candlesticks were $2.00 each from Goodwill.

So about $12.00 for the centerpiece, although I had them around the house already!

Don’t you just love how things come together!



{This picture I used the “sharpen” affect on Windows Live Writer}

The place setting I did go out and buy specially for Thanksgiving.

The bells, the napkins and the red plates I got all from Pier 1. I had a $10.00 off coupon so I paid just under $25.00 for everything! And I like that the bells I can use as ornaments on the tree and the plates I can use for Christmas and Valentine’s Day too! {Thank you for pointing that out Pier 1 Lady!}

The knives we’ve had. The silver plated forks I got 5 for $16.00 from my favorite antique shop Luckett’s Store.

And then the chair wreaths tied it all together!





{My beautiful mama lighting the candles}

Just an F.Y.I my mama had been in a not so great relationship for 20+ years and two summers made the decision to leave that relationship behind. She met a wonderful man and this passed summer, married him. I really have never seen my mom with that twinkle in her eye and I can’t get enough of her now. I love that she is in love and happy!
I love you Mama!

We also had another smaller table and smaller centerpiece.


The cookie plate I believe was from Target last year. The pillar candles from Hobby Lobby. The silver candlestick is my favorite and it is from Michael’s. The potted grass also one of my favorites from Crate & Barrel.

Here are the tables together! My mama again and my lovely daughter Audrey!

And last but certainly not least, my amazing husband Andy! He grilled our turkey on the grill and it was fantastic!!
If you would like to learn how to grill a turkey on the grill, let me know and I will get him to explain!


I wish I took a picture of my plate but it was gone before I blinked!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely people.

I am so thankful for everything in my life. My husband and I have our ups and downs but we are together and in love and I couldn’t ask for a better man in my life.

{In Chicago, when we first started dating}

I just realized I don’t have any pictures of me pregnant with Cameron saved anywhere. I have to go find them now.

Edit: I found one on my very old MYSPACE! Remember when that was popular?

{Pregnant with Cameron and moving into our first apartment together!}

{Pregnant with Audrey}

My kids are tough and challenging but they keep things interesting.



Hope everyone had a lovely and filling Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hanging Balls

Just so everyone knows when I say “I” anywhere in this post regarding the balls I mean my wonderful husband who did them for me one morning, when I was out shopping for Thanksgiving.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for hanging my beautiful balls.

new 111

I took ribbon and I took ball ornaments in all the pretty colors. I hung them from the little wooden valance over the biggest window in our house.

There is not much more to it so some pictures:





haha I love them!

A little pop of color by the window. And they look cool when the sun shines in.

I am slowly decorating the whole house, but it seems the last move we left a lot of our Christmas stuff. So now I need to go buy new stuff. Bummer! =)



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog 2 Print

Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming hosted a giveaway the other day from Blog 2 Print. Well I won the giveaway! You can see the giveaway here. And Stephanie Lynn has a great blog so you will enjoy her!

So I was nervous about ordering it because it was free I wanted to make it right. So I played with it quite a lot. The website is set up really easy which made it great!

I wanted to show yall the book I got yesterday:


The front is so pretty! Nice and gray with swirls. Yum! And you can add your title and on the side I added By Holly Rhodes with a picture I took!


A dedication to the best bloggers I know! Love yall.

You can set each page as a new blog post or you can have them just run through as they end the next one begins right away. This saves pages and well when you are paying by the page less is good!

You can have them add the comments or not.



The back has the same great background and a beautiful picture, also a picture I took! Almost like an end of the road kind of thing. And the words I added “Enjoy The Ride”.

I love it!

Stephanie Lynn thanks for hosting a great giveaway and Blog2Print thanks for making a site so easy and a blog book so beautiful! I will cherish it forever! It makes a great coffee table book.