Thursday, January 6, 2011

I know, I know

I have been missing you are right. But for very good reason. We are gearing up for a move. Remember when I asked your opinions on Atlanta or moving home? Well every. single. person. said move to Atlanta!

Well we aren’t. Not because it’s a bad decision,  but because truthfully I wholeheartedly miss my mama. My friends. My hometown. I miss Richmond, VA!! Yes the money in Atlanta is good and the bonus money is fun, but we can get the same kind of money at an airport closer to Richmond and what happens when the bonus money is gone? Then I am stuck so far from my “people” again. (And broke! hah)

So we have been house hunting. I was entertaining the idea of buying something but honestly we are just not ready for that big commitment. What if Richmond isn’t all I wanted it to be? What if I really do (somewhere deep down inside) enjoy living away from home? I can’t see us buying a house and feeling stuck.

So we (and when I say we I mean ME) want a really nice house to rent. So I am picky… like…. very picky!! I want 4 bedrooms, I want formal living room and dining room, I want eat in kitchen and a pantry. I want a nice big yard for the kiddies and the dogs. Well I know it is a big list, but I believe we found the house.

Want to see it? Good!

I brought my camera down to Richmond with all the intention to bring it to take pictures of the house. Well I forgot it at my mama’s house when we were going to look at this house. SO you will have to make due of the pictures from the realtor. Here are the details of the house : a whopping 3200 sqft,  5 bedrooms, the 5th being the whole 3rd floor with its own full bathroom, which will be the kids play room. Three full baths and one half bath. Two car garage on a cul de sac. It has a family room, living room which we will use as an office. An eat it kitchen and a separate dining room. We will have to put in a fence though, but I know we can do it ourselves, because we have done it before!

AND IT IS IN OUR BUDGET – that was one of the hard things. Sometimes my poor husband can not afford my expensive taste.


This kitchen has two pantry's (pantries?) Yeah. If it were our house that we owned the whole wall with the sink on it would come down and I would put a big massive island. But it is not ours, so I won’t.

You can see a little tiny bit on the left of the bar. So it leads right into the family room. Wish it was hardwood all the way through but I love it anyways. And its CLEAN!

And the eat in kitchen. So again tiny piece of the bar to the left. Lots of window. Builder grade light fixture. Laminate counters. But still lovely.

As soon as you walk in the front door this is the formal living room to the right. I am thinking MOM CAVE! Maybe we can find some inexpensive French doors to hang.

Master bedroom. Huge. Lots of light. Weird ceiling fan. Nice big bathroom and closets galore.

3rd floor playroom!! Closet, full bath and a little nook perfect for a window seat!

Isn’t it so pretty? Back of the house, on a cul de sac. Nice little concrete patio, that I would expand to make it bigger to suit our family.


And well… the yard! It is not ALL ours, but I will show you what is. And this neighborhood also comes with a pool, playground, tennis, and a clubhouse.

So I outlined the property. Which is pretty big, you can see the last owner had a play set which fits very nicely!

We have looked at quite a few houses and there was one a couple of minutes away that I liked and it had a HUGE yard, but only 4 bedrooms and no formal living room. Which would have worked but for $100.00 more for this one that also comes with a pool, playground and a 3rd floor, it just was not a tough decision.

Then we saw one out in the Midlothian area of Richmond and the owners were incredible and they had beautiful children. But if Andy is going to work in Northern Virginia the drive would have been so much longer than it needed to be. So in the end this one won us over. It is so not a done deal yet, we have a lot to do before we can get in this house but this is the one I fell in love with!

So keep us in your thoughts that we are able to get this house!

Tell me what you think!?

Do you love it or hate it? Too cookie cutter? I know I love a cookie cutter house!

I am seriously itching to go back and take pictures because yall will be blown away by how grand this house is! The foyer is huge and it has a little niche I am already filling in my head.

Either way I can not take you on our moving journey.



  1. holly - wow! congrats!

    first - what a tough decision on where to move and to buy or rent. sounds like you made a smart choice.

    second - the house is stunning! i knew you could rent houses, but i never seen a house like this that you could rent. wow.

    can/will you paint? change fixtures? etc?

    so exciting. can't wait to follow you on your next chapter.

  2. i think you have to go with what your guy says. i am not a cookie cutter house kind of gal and like od houses in neighborhoods with tons of old oak trees and shade where each house is different, but it's going to be YOUR house, not mine, so get what you love!

  3. Holy cow This is sure not like the rentals of my early marriage, but that was 100 years ago - ha! This looks amazing. Customizing something isn't about what grade the fixtures's about adding your unique spin to the furnishings and arrangement and clever decor...and just visiting your blog for the first time, I'm really certain you are all about that! You will make this 'yours' in no time! Lucky you. I hope it all works out.

  4. okay, forget my question as to where you are moving in my other comment!!
    This house is BEAUTIFUL!
    Congrats on being closer to Mama. I miss mine too. Can't wait to move back "home" one of these days!
    enjoy your beautiful new home. Looks PERFECT!


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