Friday, January 7, 2011

New Foyer Table

I have been searching for something, anything to fill the space at the top of the steps since we moved in. At first I was thinking a dresser but it had to be the perfect size so it didn’t block the doorway into our bedroom. When I was rearranging Audrey’s room I put that bookshelf there for Christmas vignettes.


But I knew I wanted something with space open at the bottom so I could put a big basket there full of blankets for the kids. So the hunt continued. The week right after Christmas my husband and I were driving passed my favorite antique store. They always have furniture lined up outside, and I spotted this table. It looked like it was the perfect size and shape I wanted for the hallway! So the next day when I was alone I drove to see it. Up close it was a little too boxy for my taste and the price tag of $50.00 just wasn’t doing it for me. So while I was there I strolled around inside, and while I was peaking back into this little cranny of the store I was THE table. The French style I love. I was so nervous to look at the price tag but thankfully it said $35.00! YAY so I ran to the front with it and brought it home.


Here she is.

Look at those legs.

One drawer and it works perfect.

Fresh vignette on top.


Love it.

For your information:
The lamp is old from my sister in law’s childhood room. I used them in Cameron’s room and then repurposed them with some burlap and a fresh coat of white paint.

The wheatgrass is from Crate & Barrel. I love wheatgrass.

The basket and mirror are from the Luckett’s Fair from Miss Mustard Seed.

The candlestick is from Michael’s.

The candles are from Hobby Lobby.

So there you have it.

I am going to paint the table. I was going to paint it white. But then I wanted to paint it a funky color. Like yellow or orange because it is small and not taking up to much eye space. But I want to wait until we move so I can feel for what is going to look good in the new house =)

If it were yours what color would you paint it?? Give me some fun and good ideas smart ones.


Some extra info: I am going to have a giveaway at 100 followers!! Yay!


  1. It looks great and I love a thrifty bargain. You are so lucky you live close enough to go to Luckett's. Those type of things are few and far between here is Seattle. Thanks for your great comments on my chair. And my upholstery skills are all self taught so I know you can do it!

  2. $35!! that's a steal! nice find.

    it all looks so fresh and so 'january' appropiate!

    loving the mustard seed stuff too! nice.

  3. Isn't it fun when you find the perfect thing and it is affordable, too?!?

    I think the wood look great...I like to paint things weird colors, though, so I don't think my advice would be good. You could always paint it Pottery Barn black when you get tired of it, though.

    Thank for stopping by.


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