Monday, January 17, 2011

Real {Moving} Messes

Emily over at Décor Chick is having a Real Homes Real Messes Real Life Link Party and well I am happy to join in on that one.

I am 100% real and we are a family with two toddlers and we are messy.

Also right now we are smack dab in the middle of MOVING.

So this will be fun and painful at the same time.

Welcome to our messy moving house!

As you walk in to the living room your eye is automatically drawn to the plethora of lovely holes in the wall. In my defense these are not ALL ours. Most of these are the owner’s where he had his TV mounted on the wall, but we did add to it. Then our 3 year old came and made them bigger while he was “helping” with his screwdriver. THANK YOU CAMERON!


Yikes. This is where I would normally use the lovely retouch function of picasa. Or hang a picture. But here you go. It all of its glory! We are fixing his holes and our holes to make it look brand-spanking-new!

Now looking into the kitchen from the holy living room

Yep that is still Christmas. I need some extra bins to store it all away again and it is still sitting around. Plus my coat is just thrown in there. Gosh Holly ever heard of hanging it up!

Box of Milano cookies anyone? A while back I entered a drawing for a WHOLE BOX OF THESE SUCKERS…. and I won! They are delicious. I love them. I eat them all day. The box is half gone. It is just sitting on the counter no where to put it, because the kids always find it.

Pepsi,one random fork, two boxes of wipes, random containers, tide, hungry hungry hippos, two things of cookies, DAP for the holes in the wall, animal crackers, Windex, tea maker, snow cone maker, HUGE wine jug (okay I like wine and then save the bottle for décor sue me), basket of crap, jars of hot cocoa, empty cake stand, coffee maker, coffee in canister, dog bowl, dog’s water, one dish towel hanging nicely on the stove, one dish towel thrown on the counter, box of Mr. Clean magic erasers thrown on top of dish towel.
Anything else? Can you find everything? It is like Where’s Waldo!

Awww… See now this is ok!! I can get use to that! How can a girl be so lucky to have a guy like mine!?!? Don’t you love his little exclamation points with the smileys!
{Love you huney!}

We got so much going on no one is doing the dishes… oh well!
Love the Carrera marble cutting board though. I found it at Marshall’s for 3.99!

So you know we really are moving. =) Everything nice and tightly wrapped. Cross your fingers nothing breaks!

The kids found the sleeping bag and were playing with it, now it has become Lucy’s favorite sleeping spot.

Sofa’s aren’t even against walls anymore! And there is my husband….. hard at work…… on the computer! PAH!

I have replaced mantle decorations with paint cans.

I have replaced centerpieces for fork and spoon wall hangings.

Mops, boxes, and frames are lined up against the wall.

And these two tiny people make the biggest messes.

Exhibit A:

Red lipstick all over the white wall. The lighter color on the left side is where I already tried to clean some of it. And it is already stained on. So we will be painting this wall. Thanks kids!!!

Trash bag going to Goodwill and blue bucket needing to be packed.

Pile of clothes going to Goodwill.

But not to be confused with my husbands pile of clothes.

Or the pile of blankets I need to put on the bed.

Or the pileS I need to wash………

Important papers I have no clue what to do with, my sweet tea (yes I am southern), my bowl of lucky charms from this morning, my medicine, and my wallet (because I shop in bed). What a mess!

This is actually a pretty picture! haha Bowl of soup anyone? Or some gum?

Oh my more Christmas decorations. Half of a Gum drop tree done. Snowman who lost his arm and needs to be fixed. Cameron and Audrey’s mailbox Santa brought them and ready to be packed away. A random dish towel in the bedroom.

So there you have it. What our house normally looks like plus a few extras thrown in there for moving.

Hope it makes you feel normal. Maybe you are feeling extra good now?

Thanks for hanging out today!


  1. Isn't normal wonderful! When my daughter was about 3 or 4, she decided to write a novel on my WHITE living room wall right after we listed the house. Magic eraser to the rescue! I love your little brood! Cheers.

  2. What a great post - real life is the best!

    **don't forget to become a follower of my blog for your chance at a GC for Anthroplogie! Only 9 entries remain!

  3. oh my goodness, you are up to your eyeballs in moving! Don't envy you, been there done that MANY times {as you have as well}. So off to Richmond, sigh...miss Virginia:)
    Good luck, your "new" home looks charming.

  4. this post makes me so happy.
    so happy.
    Moving is such an ordeal isn't it?
    where's the new place? Richmond or Peachtree?

  5. What a fun post! Thanks for making me smile.

  6. i love her idea!! and that you have the guts to post these! :) I have some of my house but not sure if I have the guts! :) And, you're scaring me w/ the lipstick on the walls -we're preggo w/ our first!!! ;)

  7. Thanks for making my move feel more "normal"! It feels like I am never going to be moved in with this mess. Thanks for the smile!

  8. Nice! You can definitely tell you're moving! I've moved 5 times in the past 3 years (we're renters) Good luck!

  9. Nice to see less than perfect pictures -- it does look "normal." Good luck with the move.

  10. Here from ICLW. I love this!!! It's impossible for families to live like the people in the catalogues. Right? Great idea :)


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