Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid Tooth

I had a root canal today. I had some complications and had to be put under and then the doctor ran into some more issues. Needless to say the whole left side of my jaw is very sore now.

I hate teeth. They are so complicated and expensive to take care of. So take it from me brush and floss twice daily!! =)

On to more exciting news. We found someone to take over our lease in Baltimore. We will be moving home to Richmond February 8th or 14th and we are completely excited! I have been thinking long and hard about the playroom. Since we haven’t ever had a true playroom I want it to be amazing.. I thought colorful and playful would be really cool and simple to do. Or I could step it up a notch and do a fun Alice in Wonderland theme!

The must haves in the room are lots of toy storage, a train table, a craft table with chairs, their recliners for movie watching. I also think I want to have a fun daybed in there. We plan on getting them their own TV for movies. Did I mention lots of storage? I know target has lots of fun storage and also Ikea!

Here are some ideas I had in mind. I would love your thoughts.

This room is Alice in Wonderlandish!

edwards playroom
Lots of fun with colors and lots of storage.

Love the red ceiling.

This is from Ikea and I love the curtains in the corner with the flags on them. Also the V shelf things.

I found this cute playroom and it has these cool little flags that tie in with those curtains.

fun ceiling lightfun lightsjustfun
All of these are from ikea and love the ceiling light and pendant lights in the first two. The first and last one have this school desk, toy box (stage) system! Two little stools under there and make it the craft area.

Picture 49
I am loving the red and candy apple green! Look at the house bookshelf!

playroom furniture
Very Pottery Barn Kids!

Love these shelves on the left, you can put them lower for the kids to get things off of. And the low little desk. So cute.

Really nice day bed with big fluffy beanbags!

Of course the tent is cool. But if you look to the left on the shelf corners there are these cool hands that protect little ones heads from hitting sharp corners. I love them! (from ikea)

trofast system
Love the trofast system from ikea. I love everything in this picture! The ledge for fun artwork. The egg chair. LOVE

Ok so what are yalls thoughts?

Fun color?

A theme of some sort?

Do you like those flag curtains with the flag garland?

I am so excited!!!

Three more weeks and I will be able to take you on a tour of the house!!

There is some hardcore packing in my future! Anyone in the Baltimore area feel the need to pack some boxes? Feel free. I will cook you dinner. =)


  1. i love the room with the bright vertical stripes! it's gorgeous and fun and wouldn't drive me crazy like the first one would- i would get serious anxiety in that first room!
    our playroom is that candy apple green sort of color with red couch, and pops of red and turquoise and blue and i love it. it makes me happy and the kids love it, too, more importantly!

  2. I vote for any one of the rooms with lots of color (now that's a surprise). Not a huge fan of the Alice in Wonderland room though. Some of the Ikea stuff was great. Make sure whatever you get you can take with you when you move again as I know you are renting until you decide if you want to stay in the Richmond area. Good luck with your move. So glad it is working out for you. Packing up is so much work, but exciting at the same time! Best wishes, Karen

  3. P.S Sorry about your tooth. Been there, done that!

  4. how fun is that first circus like room! not sure i could really be in there for a long time tho. the most relaxing, yet fun, for me was the striped wall one with the angled ceiling.

    holy blog revamp! i am loving it! who did it? i'll have to look around!

  5. The room is envious in my perception, you have a colorful furniture for your kids, how I wish to become a kid sometimes.

  6. Those play rooms have a great desings and i know kids would love it too, but my fave is the alice in wonderland so excited for your next post, the come up idea of your playroom.. Good luck

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