Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chicken with it’s head cut off

That’s how I feel.

We are moving in 10 days and the house is getting more and more empty! I am getting the last pieces of clothes washed and packed away. I have everyone’s suitcase packed so we can live out of a suitcase for 10 days and I will have a smaller amount of clothes to wash.

I am schedule the carpet cleaner and walk through with the landlord.

We got a great deal one the moving truck from Penske. My husband will be picking that up Valentine’s day at 7am. Since we live on a very busy corner and there is only one way in for a fire truck/police/ambulance to get in they are having to close the road so we can get the truck in. It’s a huge mess! We have a lot of help to get the house loaded into the truck so we can be out of here as soon as possible! I am hoping at 1pm we will be done loading the truck.

This wall was speckled with holes but now just one big one is left. Looks smooth is butter! And there is my husband still sitting there on the computer….

Lots of good things going on in the counter. I have NO counter space, there is stuff everywhere. Box of diapers times a million for my sister in law. The front foyer dresser is empty and now just holding the toolbox and boxes to use.

I am staying behind to do some last minute cleaning up and touching up of the walls and making sure everything is perfect. The carpet cleaner is coming at 1pm. Then the rental manager will be here at 2pm. When you have a dog you have to get the carpets sprayed for ticks and fleas, and the guy spraying will be here at 3pm.

Cameron’s room is the most emptiest room!


Thankfully we are moving on a Monday and that’s trash and recycling day so all the trash/recycling will be gone the day we are gone. And I have the people who come and get donations coming Monday also to get anything we didn’t want.


It is all working out quite nicely.

Then I get to hand the keys to the new renter, who I love! She is amazing. I am so ready to be done and moved!

I am exhausted! Packing a house and keeping up with two toddlers is no cake walk!

IMG_3167 IMG_3168
Little bits of clothes left that are going in the suitcase. Box of Summer clothes and fragile wall hangings behind it.
My desk covered in…… everything!! Paint and spackle back there too!

So I know I am missing here on the ole blog, but I promise I will be back. So get ready to have some moving in to a new house fun!!

IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3170
Packing my shoes and as blankets and towels get washed they go in the other box. Box O’ hangers!

Our boxes being loaded into the garage so the truck can be backed right up to the garage and it can be loaded.

It’s a good time here had by all!

Miss yall and I will see you soon!

Oh and is it Spring yet?!?!


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