Friday, February 18, 2011

While you wait

Let me start by saying thank you for being so patient with me while I move into the new house.

The weather has been beautiful here in Virginia, so instead of unpacking boxes I have been hanging out with the kids OUTSIDE. I am so ready for Spring so this has been a nice little tease! I would be ok with it staying like this for the duration of Winter.


I have got a little bit done while the kids were napping and such! I will update you with that in a bit.

I wanted to showcase this video from this amazing, talented guy. I can upholster basic dining room chairs, but when it comes to fancier chairs I was at a lost. I stumbled upon these videos while I was perusing youtube!

I enjoyed them and I hope you do too. I plan on getting out in the garage very soon and redoing a few chairs!

The video is 13 chapters long and about 7 – 8 minutes long each so it is lengthy but very detailed. He went over everything I needed to know but did not go overboard.

Now that I know exactly how to do it I can not wait to jump in. His store also sells anything and everything you would need!

DIY Upholstery Supply

Let me know what you think of the videos. Did you learn anything?

Now that I have a HUGE two car garage I really want to work and looky what I found on amazon!


Isn’t that so much fun!!!! Toolbox, tool set, pink drill.

Love pink tools!


I was not paid for these reviews. These are just things I love and that help me. ENJOY!

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  1. Holly! I saw your commment - We do live in Virginia - Lynchburg to be exact! Where do you live in VA?!


{I love everything you have to say}