Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Real.. about Finances.

This morning I went out on Suze Orman’s new Money Minded Moms website and got a dose of reality.
If you have not been to her website yet go and sign up and play around with some of the tools she has.
I did the Expense Tracker and wow was it amazing, to see the numbers laid out right there in front of me.
My husband makes a good amount of money, or so I thought! After all bills were paid and food was bought at the end of each month we had about 150.00 left over. Really??

I totally feel like we live above our means now!


So our first step is to STOP.EATING.OUT!

Yes we pay our bills, yes we have nice things, yes we pay down our small debt but how much more could we be paying or SAVING if we would just stop eating out.

So here is my challenge – 30 days? Can I not eat out? Have you done it before? How did it go?

No fast food, no restaurants!

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Here we go..


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  1. You can do it!! Fast food is SUCH a expensive habit. Good luck (it's not easy, for us anyway)


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