Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some love for the entry

The entry of the new house is….big…. its more like a room!

I really didn’t know how to fill that space other than having a nice little space for hooks. Hooks for the adults and hooks for the kids. Then of course and comfy bench underneath.

Simple boards from Lowe’s one painted, one not.

Both boards painted. I didn’t want to paint them on the wall because we are renting and I want to be able to take them down.

My handsome helper.

I have to add one more coat of paint to the bench and the table (I thought about doing some fun colors! Suggestions?) I also need to go back to Hobby Lobby and buy some more of the hooks for the bottom board.


Missing hooks… sorry I wanted to show you guys! I’m impatient.



The shelves to the left of the hooks and bench I will slowly fill up.


I feel like the bench makes the hall table look TEENY! It looks normal in real life. Weird!

We do have a hall closet and I will hang over flow coats in there but I also use that closet to put my broom and vacuum and such.

So there it is.

The tall, weird shaped niche I have no idea what to put there so if you have any ideas let me know! I have this big jug I thought about putting some tall sticks/branches/flower/things in it and putting it in there. No idea?

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  1. oh it looks wonderful! i love that little desk- do you have a better picture of it? just bein' nosy.

  2. i think your idea of the jug with tall branches with flowers would be perfect....cause that was going to be my suggestion! or a subway-ish style sign/tall board to fill up the taller empty space with the pitcher you have now (it looks like there is a wierd angle in the niche?)

  3. glad to see you settling in and doing what you do best-decorating-love dee

  4. I think it looks great!! :) I like the white personnally...

  5. I love this. The bench really adds something, and the hooks are in the right place. So chic and so sweet. I'm inspired! Wish we had an entryway/hallway to decorate. Our is so small it's not worth discussing. LOL!

    Man Wife and Dog Blog

  6. Holly, I love your entry! It is so calming and serene. I'm having so much fun browsing around your site. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

  7. hihi! Found you through a beach cottage; your photo caught my eye right away! SUCH a beautiful job, and esp. for a rental! We too are currently renting, and I've done my best to make a cozy little nook for me and mine :) I can't wait to have our next place (possible home ownership! eep!) so i can use more white; its so cozy and charming. You have it right girl! :) (ps: I was just sayin to another beach cottage linker that I wish we had hobby lobby here in Canada; sounds like a dream!)

    I'll be sure to swing by often! :)


  8. oh! and ps: I LOVE your header: so bright and cheerful! And who doesn't love a good bunting! Me likey!

  9. I love the colors used in your entry, so pretty! Having hooks and storage is great in an area near the door! Love it!

  10. It's lovely! how about hanging something in the alcove?

  11. I agree with Sue - I was going to suggest hanging something in the alcove! :)

  12. I love your entry! Mine is so small I can only have the bare minimum in it. Great job!


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