Saturday, April 30, 2011

How Clean Is Your House…. Really?

This post is ALL my opinion. My husband and I bought this vacuum with our own money. Shark did not send me one for review and did not ask me to do a review once I bought it. I am a huge believer of finding something amazing and telling everyone I know. I feel that if we had some more quality products that people knew about it would make the world a much better place. =)
I am often confused on what to buy. Whether it be laundry detergent, baby formula, diapers and even vacuums. I ran into a lovely couple at Target the other day debating on what vacuum to get. The vacuum they wanted was the vacuum I had so I told them DON’T BUY IT! It’s not worth the money and the effort to keep it clean. They asked if I knew what vacuum to get and at that point I was debating myself on buying the new Electrolux. After talking it over with my husband and it being so expensive I was hesitant. One early morning I was up with my kids and I saw an infomercial about the Shark Navigator Lift Away. It all looked very nice. Of course why wouldn’t? They want to sell it! So I looked at some reviews and checked out their Facebook. I was impressed to say the least!
So today. I bought it!
And I am even more impress. Here’s why…

Yeah I know right. Pretty gross right? I’m very pleased. I like that it’s a deep cleaning vacuum so it doesn’t just clean the surface. I like that you can turn the rotating bristles off and just use suction not only for hardwood floors but for my wool area rug and it works great! I love that you can turn it into a canister vacuum with a click of a button and carry it up the steps to clean the steps. Overall I am very impressed with this vacuum and I did not spend 500+ dollars!
So you can order your vacuum through Shark, or get it at Wal-Mart. I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond simply because it was the cheapest with their 20% off coupon (I am a huge coupon shopper!).

So there you have it. What do you think? Is your vacuum doing a good job? Do you have a Shark Lift Away? If so what do you think? Do you own a Dyson? Or an Electrolux?

How clean are your carpets?


  1. I have a Dyson but the hose is duct taped after years of abuse.. I have been watching this one for a sale. Thanks for the REAL scoop on it!

  2. We have 6 Dyson's we bought a Electrolux and returned it. We have the shark steam mops and love love love them ! I have be thinking of trying the shark vac after seeing your video I am going to go get one tomorrow and try ;) I will let you know my thought on. My brother and sister in law are on kim's place staff and clean the 32 houses. She is excited to test this out!


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