Friday, April 8, 2011

Pay It Forward

I am big on helping others.

I am big on teaching my children to help others.

I tried hard to sponsor a family for Thanksgiving and sadly no one would help me or give me the time of day.

For Christmas my kids gave up toys of their own to buy toys for two boys who weren’t going to have Christmas. Read about it here. 

I love giving to other people.

So when I saw a post from Abby’s Garden about Paying It Forward I knew I wanted to join in.



Here is how it works, the first five {5} people to comment on this post will get a little gift from me and then in return you will have your own Pay It Forward post.

Abby did a handmade gift but since I am not talented like that it will be a gift from my heart purchased with love from a store. =)

You do not have to rush in making or buying a gift so don’t feel obligated under time constraints, this should be fun!

I always love this video about paying it forward.

Liberty Mutual Pay It Forward video

Let’s begin Paying it Forward!




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