Saturday, April 9, 2011

Watching Grass Grow

I know you are probably like ’Wow what a  boring thing to write about’ BUT I love newly grown grass. It is just so cute to me, so baby hair sprout like. I never could get grass to grow, except this year turned out to be MY year!

I have patches in the front yard, I only did a few to make sure it would work. This weekend I plan to do the rest before it gets too hot here in Virginia.


You can see above that the spots aren’t huge but they are definitely there and scattered through out the entire yard. The first application I did was on the more bare spots because I wanted to tackle those early in the season. You really want to wait until the possibility of frost is gone, I planted mine a little early but thankfully they made it through the frost.


Here is what it looks like when you first put it down and water it. Its so cool watching it ‘grow’ when it gets wet. When it needs water it turns a lighter color to let you know so you never not water it enough.


Aww see the little sprouts. So here it is about 2 weeks after I planted it. Took these pictures today.


Here is what I used. It is new from Scott’s! It is called EZ Seed.

While we are out in the yard I will show you a couple more things I have and things I have already killed. Ha!


Cutsie little heart shaped bushes!


My favorite thing is my Lowe's Moose. I love him and really am quite obsessed with how cute he is!


I had some tulips, gerbera daisies and hyacinth plants but maybe they didn’t make it through some of our colder nights. Maybe they don’t like being in pots? But since we rent I hate to plant them in the ground and then leave them behind. If you know anything about plants fill me in!


I did try to plant one set of tulips and they are looking a bit yellow. Not sure what that means. Actually I don’t really know how to ‘deadhead’ plants either!


This is our back patio with the silly border around it and I am thinking either clean it up and plant some grass. Clean it up and plant some flowers. What do you think? The last picture is quite funny. The lady who lived here before us had a patio put in and when she moved she took her bricks with her. So we want to do a little something there too!


And last but certainly not least if you live in the Richmond, VA area you have to go to Ukrop’s (Now Martin’s still Ukrop’s to me) and get the chocolate pie! Yum! I love them!!

There ya have it! I would like to get some more pretty flowers but going to wait until it gets warmer. I need to find some good shade plants too!



  1. Good shade plants or flowers? Hosta for plants unless you can't put them in the ground (but they will grow in big pots), and for flowers - definitely impatients! I have been working on putting a lot of perennials in my flower gardens.... and if I move, I'm taking them with me! LOL!

    I have a lot of things that will be coming up here Holly........ you can get some of whatever you want. I always have "volunteer" petunias, which is an annual........ go figure.


  2. man, if grass from seeding was only so easy in florida. it's a huge process down here for us to grow it. and having two large dogs, never helps! LOL

    ps - i LOVE your moose!

  3. I haven't been for a visit in a while, it's nice to "see" you again! We've used that E-Z grass seed also and it worked great!

    I love your heart shrubs, so darn cute! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Did you say before it gets too hot in Virginia? AAAK, why did I move away! It is so godawful cold here in Vancouver {unseasonably low temps - 37 F - not fun!}

    Hope your move went well!

  5. The chocolate pie and the beautiful plants look great!


{I love everything you have to say}