Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Your Herb Garden On!

This year I really wanted to do an herb garden. I didn’t want anything huge just a little something.

So I got an old half wine barrel from
Southern States, of course on sale and with a coupon!

I got a great big ole bag of potting soil and figured out what herbs I wanted.

I knew I wanted sweet smelling mint. I love mint and probably won’t use it for cooking but just the smell of it on the porch! HEAVEN!

And I think I will add some oregano because I do a lot of Italian cooking and I have enough space in the barrel for one more herb.

I didn’t know a lot about growing herbs so I googled it and my type likes sun and for the soil to be misted evenly.

Sounds easy enough!


The mint will grow pretty wild and big from what I have read. I wish I had smell-o-vision on the blog because it smells so amazing.

More space for the oregano!

View of the whole porch. I think some hanging baskets are needed.

I can’t wait until its spilling over with greenery!

Some other things happening around the yard..
I didn’t know what these were. I was going to yank them out thinking they were weeds, so I put a picture on facebook asking if anyone knew what they were and a few people said they were lilies so here they are. Come on and bloom already!!

Then some random strawberries. They must have been planted by the last person in the house but I will enjoy them!

Do you have an herb garden? What do you have planted?

Peace & Love

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  1. I just began an herb garden as well. The planting has been delayed by some "invasive alien weed" problem, but lots of herbs are growing now. Among them (I hope I have the English names correctly): mint, sage, parsil, coriander, rosmary, marjoram, melitis, thyme, vervaine, basil, and two or three more whose name I don't know in English and am too lazy to look it up!
    I hope you'll enjoy your herb garden: it's my guilty (not really guilty) pleasure to go pick what I want for my evening herbal tea.
    I'm so jealous of your strawberries: mine are still so small and green!

  2. Love your herb garden....mine are just wee babies and are not growing. I may just have to go and buy some real ones at the store! :) Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty Thursday! :)

    ...and I'm very impressed by how clean your porch is! LOL

  3. Hi,visiting from the Thrifty Thursday blog hop. I'm now following your blog. I would love if you could return the favor.

    Thank you.

  4. I love gardening! :) Unfortunately I live in a rental..:(
    I'm a new follower and I look forward to seeing more! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog too and follow if you like!

  5. Hi,visiting from the Thrifty Thursday blog hop. I'm now following your blog. I would love if you could return the favor.

    Thank you.

  6. You have a beautiful home and I love the yard. I keep thinking my porch needs some hanging baskets too. I'm a new follower from Thrifty Thursday blog hop.

  7. Great herb garden you have and love your porch! Glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays

  8. Hi Holly, lucky you with the strawberries! Our neighboring birds would so have eaten those by now. I've always like growing plants in a half barrel too, but don't have one at the moment. This year I'm growing thyme, parsley, chocolate mint, sweet basil, spicy basil and of all things, peanuts. I know it's not an herb. Long story. But it's just for fun. Your porch is awesome. Definitely hanging plants or chimes or flower baskets or anything you choose will be lovely!

  9. Love the half wine barrel! I've been looking for one of those. Your herb garden looks great and the other plants! We finally got our plants in our garden bed last weekend. It was very exciting but a whole family effort! Stop by and check out the photos! Have a great weekend and happy gardening!

  10. ha-i just love that i knew those were lillies! believe me, i don't know much about flowers AT ALL! the only reason i know those is b/c i bought a terra cotta pot (for the pot itself) but there were lillies planted in it. we transplanted the lillies to the flower bed, and use the pot for other flowers. great job with the herb garden!

  11. My herb garden is done completely in those planters-I put two herbs in each planter, except for the mint (which gets it's own) and lemon balm (which is a relative of the mint). . . those ones will go nuts!

    Have fun & enjoy your herbs.

  12. I've always wanted to have my own herb garden but have two great danes that would object. I love your blog and found it while checking out 'Picket Fence Blogs' - yours was featured so I thought I'd stop by. Glad I did! I'm your newest follower and look forward to your upcoming posts. I've even added you to my side bar of favorite blogs to view.

    Corie @ Design DNA


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