Thursday, May 19, 2011

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Some of you will know that song and some of you will not… But I thought it was a good jumping off point to my post today. Our family room where we spend a lot of time has 3498208743 windows, so it gets HOT back there when the sun is up. We had blinds but they didn’t do enough so we need some curtains. I’m thrifty and I just don’t see it necessary to BUY curtains anymore. I scour fabric shops for the perfect fabric at the perfect price. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby the other day and spotted this fabric and was in love!! I called my husband to get his opinion and he didn’t LOVE them WHAT! I got them anyways =) Sorry hubs!

I think anyone with fingers can make their own curtains with a little stitch witchery. If you have not heard of stitch witchery please run to the store and grab some up and start “sewing”. This stuff I love and I do not own a sewing machine!

I had my fabric and was very excited, now I was on the hunt for curtain rods. For anyone who has shopped curtain rods before know they are not cheap. We do actually have quite a bit of windows in our house and we may have to take out a loan to buy curtain rods for all of them. So off to Home Depot I went. I thought to myself “Self, there has to be something at home depot that is long, skinny and strong enough to hold curtains!” When I walked aisle by aisle and came across the electrical department I knew found it!! There they were standing their like little soldiers. They were tall, skinny, and strong!

conduit pipe

Yep conduit pipe! Who would of thought?! And they can cut it there for you but make sure you tell them exactly how big you want it! (Yeah the cutter and myself really weren’t on the same page) Anyways. Next was curtain rod brackets.

Now I don’t remember mine being café brackets but they are tough and I have used them through out the house with no problems!

Now on to the good stuff..
These are the before pictures when we first moved in.


Seeing them up I would like to add two more panels to fill it up some. Maybe?

I love Moroccan patterns! So simple but just enough pattern in the room.

Here is where the pipe cutter and myself weren’t on the same page. I said 9 feet and he I guess heard 8.5 feet. So either I will go get another pipe or I will add some extra long finials! That is why I haven’t spray painted the rod yet, I’m not sure its staying!

Here is where the green in the room came from. I bought two of these lamps off of craigslist for $50.00 and they had perfectly fine green lamp shades so I decided to not throw them out and embrace them! Color is weird in this picture but they are a light green.

I took some of the leftover fabric and just folded it on the end of the sofa until I turn it into a pillow cover.

I am thinking about building “built ins” for the sides of the fireplace. What do you think? I am working on another project for the space above the couch and I’m excited about that!!

And here they are in all of their glory. It looks like the lamp shade is just floating there! Do you see that? Ha!

Lets do a break down on price.

Curtains – 6 yards of fabric for 29.00
Curtain rod – 2.19 plus tax so we will round it to 3.00
Curtain rod brackets – 4.00
Stitch witchery – I think I used 1.5? So 6.00
Yeah I will take that for custom curtains and curtain rod!


P.S. On a more personal note my husband left today to go to Oklahoma City for SIX WEEKS for some extra training. I am a mess without him so I need to keep busy! Send some energy my way please. Here is my amazing husband before he left. We had a going away dinner last night and all of our lovely friends and family came out to wish him well on his journey. I love you babe more than you can ever imagine. You take my breath away every day and I am SO thankful that you saw the good in me and are ALLLLLL MIIIIIINE! Big kisses!

He loves my goofiness =)

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  1. those look amazing! i love the color and fabric! they add such a happy touch to the family room.

  2. I love that fabric, Holly! I think they look fine as they are, but if you are closing them over another two panels might work better. I'll bet you could find a nice finial to add that will work.

  3. Love the fabric you choose (and that you talked it over with your Hubs and still purged on. he he)!! Yes, you are right, everyone should try to make there own curtains. It's satisfying especially when they turn out as great as yours :D

  4. I never would have thought of conduit pipe! What a great idea!!

    And I love the fabric too--and think it's a neat pattern too!

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