Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who is a nut? I am a nut!

We signed the lease for our new house last Wednesday. We are moving in on Valentine’s Day! Aw how romantic.

But before we can move in all I can do is look at the pictures of the house. I have looked at those pictures 100 times and I have noticed how much I hate those brass chandeliers each and every time.

So I did a little shopping. I know we haven’t moved in yet but gosh I couldn’t help myself!!

We all love Pottery Barn. And I just happen to love this hanging light.

Hundi Lantern

Well at 269.00 a pop that just does not cut it. So I am strolling around Overstock because I just happen to love them. And I found this huge selection of lighting. And found several that I loved. And bought.

Like this one

I call it the
drum chandy. And I am totally in love with it. So this one is going in the eat in kitchen. I wanted something fancy but not too fancy and this is absolutely perfect. They also have a black one which I also love. I just need something for our formal dining room. But I want to get into the house and see which direction the room takes me in. I do think I am going to get super fancy and get a nice chandelier but we will see.

But then look at THIS would ya

It is the PB Hundi Lantern twin!! You can find it here and it 167.00 bucks I am sorry I love it more than Pottery Barn’s.


So Overstock has always been my go to online shopping site. Besides Amazon. But with their amazing lighting at amazing prices, that I can justify buying before I even move into the house. Yeah I will take it!

I am loving Overstock right now (My husband not so much!). And their shipping at 2.95 unless they are having a sale when it is 1.00. It is definitely a no brainer! And Overstock has offered all of my beautiful readers a 10% off coupon if ya want to get your hands in on the good stuff. The amazing merchandise at amazing prices with amazing shipping!

The discount code is: 121745, good for 10% off Overstock products (excluding movies, books, and electronics). This discount code can only be used once per email address.

202234 - free shipping promo code for electronics.

If you check out Overstock and love it as much as I do I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for shopping with me!!! I can’t wait to show you what my new chandy’s look like in the new house!
When we were down there last Wednesday I took many, MANY more pictures. Since I don’t want to bother those who do not want to see 84 pictures of a house I will let you go and see them if you would like here.


All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

Friday, January 21, 2011


26 years years ago my wonderful mom was giving birth to me.

Yes today I am 26 years old.


So I am packing to move home.

What a wonderful birthday present!!


Thanks for making this year extra special my new blogging friends!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Real {Moving} Messes

Emily over at Décor Chick is having a Real Homes Real Messes Real Life Link Party and well I am happy to join in on that one.

I am 100% real and we are a family with two toddlers and we are messy.

Also right now we are smack dab in the middle of MOVING.

So this will be fun and painful at the same time.

Welcome to our messy moving house!

As you walk in to the living room your eye is automatically drawn to the plethora of lovely holes in the wall. In my defense these are not ALL ours. Most of these are the owner’s where he had his TV mounted on the wall, but we did add to it. Then our 3 year old came and made them bigger while he was “helping” with his screwdriver. THANK YOU CAMERON!


Yikes. This is where I would normally use the lovely retouch function of picasa. Or hang a picture. But here you go. It all of its glory! We are fixing his holes and our holes to make it look brand-spanking-new!

Now looking into the kitchen from the holy living room

Yep that is still Christmas. I need some extra bins to store it all away again and it is still sitting around. Plus my coat is just thrown in there. Gosh Holly ever heard of hanging it up!

Box of Milano cookies anyone? A while back I entered a drawing for a WHOLE BOX OF THESE SUCKERS…. and I won! They are delicious. I love them. I eat them all day. The box is half gone. It is just sitting on the counter no where to put it, because the kids always find it.

Pepsi,one random fork, two boxes of wipes, random containers, tide, hungry hungry hippos, two things of cookies, DAP for the holes in the wall, animal crackers, Windex, tea maker, snow cone maker, HUGE wine jug (okay I like wine and then save the bottle for décor sue me), basket of crap, jars of hot cocoa, empty cake stand, coffee maker, coffee in canister, dog bowl, dog’s water, one dish towel hanging nicely on the stove, one dish towel thrown on the counter, box of Mr. Clean magic erasers thrown on top of dish towel.
Anything else? Can you find everything? It is like Where’s Waldo!

Awww… See now this is ok!! I can get use to that! How can a girl be so lucky to have a guy like mine!?!? Don’t you love his little exclamation points with the smileys!
{Love you huney!}

We got so much going on no one is doing the dishes… oh well!
Love the Carrera marble cutting board though. I found it at Marshall’s for 3.99!

So you know we really are moving. =) Everything nice and tightly wrapped. Cross your fingers nothing breaks!

The kids found the sleeping bag and were playing with it, now it has become Lucy’s favorite sleeping spot.

Sofa’s aren’t even against walls anymore! And there is my husband….. hard at work…… on the computer! PAH!

I have replaced mantle decorations with paint cans.

I have replaced centerpieces for fork and spoon wall hangings.

Mops, boxes, and frames are lined up against the wall.

And these two tiny people make the biggest messes.

Exhibit A:

Red lipstick all over the white wall. The lighter color on the left side is where I already tried to clean some of it. And it is already stained on. So we will be painting this wall. Thanks kids!!!

Trash bag going to Goodwill and blue bucket needing to be packed.

Pile of clothes going to Goodwill.

But not to be confused with my husbands pile of clothes.

Or the pile of blankets I need to put on the bed.

Or the pileS I need to wash………

Important papers I have no clue what to do with, my sweet tea (yes I am southern), my bowl of lucky charms from this morning, my medicine, and my wallet (because I shop in bed). What a mess!

This is actually a pretty picture! haha Bowl of soup anyone? Or some gum?

Oh my more Christmas decorations. Half of a Gum drop tree done. Snowman who lost his arm and needs to be fixed. Cameron and Audrey’s mailbox Santa brought them and ready to be packed away. A random dish towel in the bedroom.

So there you have it. What our house normally looks like plus a few extras thrown in there for moving.

Hope it makes you feel normal. Maybe you are feeling extra good now?

Thanks for hanging out today!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid Tooth

I had a root canal today. I had some complications and had to be put under and then the doctor ran into some more issues. Needless to say the whole left side of my jaw is very sore now.

I hate teeth. They are so complicated and expensive to take care of. So take it from me brush and floss twice daily!! =)

On to more exciting news. We found someone to take over our lease in Baltimore. We will be moving home to Richmond February 8th or 14th and we are completely excited! I have been thinking long and hard about the playroom. Since we haven’t ever had a true playroom I want it to be amazing.. I thought colorful and playful would be really cool and simple to do. Or I could step it up a notch and do a fun Alice in Wonderland theme!

The must haves in the room are lots of toy storage, a train table, a craft table with chairs, their recliners for movie watching. I also think I want to have a fun daybed in there. We plan on getting them their own TV for movies. Did I mention lots of storage? I know target has lots of fun storage and also Ikea!

Here are some ideas I had in mind. I would love your thoughts.

This room is Alice in Wonderlandish!

edwards playroom
Lots of fun with colors and lots of storage.

Love the red ceiling.

This is from Ikea and I love the curtains in the corner with the flags on them. Also the V shelf things.

I found this cute playroom and it has these cool little flags that tie in with those curtains.

fun ceiling lightfun lightsjustfun
All of these are from ikea and love the ceiling light and pendant lights in the first two. The first and last one have this school desk, toy box (stage) system! Two little stools under there and make it the craft area.

Picture 49
I am loving the red and candy apple green! Look at the house bookshelf!

playroom furniture
Very Pottery Barn Kids!

Love these shelves on the left, you can put them lower for the kids to get things off of. And the low little desk. So cute.

Really nice day bed with big fluffy beanbags!

Of course the tent is cool. But if you look to the left on the shelf corners there are these cool hands that protect little ones heads from hitting sharp corners. I love them! (from ikea)

trofast system
Love the trofast system from ikea. I love everything in this picture! The ledge for fun artwork. The egg chair. LOVE

Ok so what are yalls thoughts?

Fun color?

A theme of some sort?

Do you like those flag curtains with the flag garland?

I am so excited!!!

Three more weeks and I will be able to take you on a tour of the house!!

There is some hardcore packing in my future! Anyone in the Baltimore area feel the need to pack some boxes? Feel free. I will cook you dinner. =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Foyer Table

I have been searching for something, anything to fill the space at the top of the steps since we moved in. At first I was thinking a dresser but it had to be the perfect size so it didn’t block the doorway into our bedroom. When I was rearranging Audrey’s room I put that bookshelf there for Christmas vignettes.


But I knew I wanted something with space open at the bottom so I could put a big basket there full of blankets for the kids. So the hunt continued. The week right after Christmas my husband and I were driving passed my favorite antique store. They always have furniture lined up outside, and I spotted this table. It looked like it was the perfect size and shape I wanted for the hallway! So the next day when I was alone I drove to see it. Up close it was a little too boxy for my taste and the price tag of $50.00 just wasn’t doing it for me. So while I was there I strolled around inside, and while I was peaking back into this little cranny of the store I was THE table. The French style I love. I was so nervous to look at the price tag but thankfully it said $35.00! YAY so I ran to the front with it and brought it home.


Here she is.

Look at those legs.

One drawer and it works perfect.

Fresh vignette on top.


Love it.

For your information:
The lamp is old from my sister in law’s childhood room. I used them in Cameron’s room and then repurposed them with some burlap and a fresh coat of white paint.

The wheatgrass is from Crate & Barrel. I love wheatgrass.

The basket and mirror are from the Luckett’s Fair from Miss Mustard Seed.

The candlestick is from Michael’s.

The candles are from Hobby Lobby.

So there you have it.

I am going to paint the table. I was going to paint it white. But then I wanted to paint it a funky color. Like yellow or orange because it is small and not taking up to much eye space. But I want to wait until we move so I can feel for what is going to look good in the new house =)

If it were yours what color would you paint it?? Give me some fun and good ideas smart ones.


Some extra info: I am going to have a giveaway at 100 followers!! Yay!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I know, I know

I have been missing you are right. But for very good reason. We are gearing up for a move. Remember when I asked your opinions on Atlanta or moving home? Well every. single. person. said move to Atlanta!

Well we aren’t. Not because it’s a bad decision,  but because truthfully I wholeheartedly miss my mama. My friends. My hometown. I miss Richmond, VA!! Yes the money in Atlanta is good and the bonus money is fun, but we can get the same kind of money at an airport closer to Richmond and what happens when the bonus money is gone? Then I am stuck so far from my “people” again. (And broke! hah)

So we have been house hunting. I was entertaining the idea of buying something but honestly we are just not ready for that big commitment. What if Richmond isn’t all I wanted it to be? What if I really do (somewhere deep down inside) enjoy living away from home? I can’t see us buying a house and feeling stuck.

So we (and when I say we I mean ME) want a really nice house to rent. So I am picky… like…. very picky!! I want 4 bedrooms, I want formal living room and dining room, I want eat in kitchen and a pantry. I want a nice big yard for the kiddies and the dogs. Well I know it is a big list, but I believe we found the house.

Want to see it? Good!

I brought my camera down to Richmond with all the intention to bring it to take pictures of the house. Well I forgot it at my mama’s house when we were going to look at this house. SO you will have to make due of the pictures from the realtor. Here are the details of the house : a whopping 3200 sqft,  5 bedrooms, the 5th being the whole 3rd floor with its own full bathroom, which will be the kids play room. Three full baths and one half bath. Two car garage on a cul de sac. It has a family room, living room which we will use as an office. An eat it kitchen and a separate dining room. We will have to put in a fence though, but I know we can do it ourselves, because we have done it before!

AND IT IS IN OUR BUDGET – that was one of the hard things. Sometimes my poor husband can not afford my expensive taste.


This kitchen has two pantry's (pantries?) Yeah. If it were our house that we owned the whole wall with the sink on it would come down and I would put a big massive island. But it is not ours, so I won’t.

You can see a little tiny bit on the left of the bar. So it leads right into the family room. Wish it was hardwood all the way through but I love it anyways. And its CLEAN!

And the eat in kitchen. So again tiny piece of the bar to the left. Lots of window. Builder grade light fixture. Laminate counters. But still lovely.

As soon as you walk in the front door this is the formal living room to the right. I am thinking MOM CAVE! Maybe we can find some inexpensive French doors to hang.

Master bedroom. Huge. Lots of light. Weird ceiling fan. Nice big bathroom and closets galore.

3rd floor playroom!! Closet, full bath and a little nook perfect for a window seat!

Isn’t it so pretty? Back of the house, on a cul de sac. Nice little concrete patio, that I would expand to make it bigger to suit our family.


And well… the yard! It is not ALL ours, but I will show you what is. And this neighborhood also comes with a pool, playground, tennis, and a clubhouse.

So I outlined the property. Which is pretty big, you can see the last owner had a play set which fits very nicely!

We have looked at quite a few houses and there was one a couple of minutes away that I liked and it had a HUGE yard, but only 4 bedrooms and no formal living room. Which would have worked but for $100.00 more for this one that also comes with a pool, playground and a 3rd floor, it just was not a tough decision.

Then we saw one out in the Midlothian area of Richmond and the owners were incredible and they had beautiful children. But if Andy is going to work in Northern Virginia the drive would have been so much longer than it needed to be. So in the end this one won us over. It is so not a done deal yet, we have a lot to do before we can get in this house but this is the one I fell in love with!

So keep us in your thoughts that we are able to get this house!

Tell me what you think!?

Do you love it or hate it? Too cookie cutter? I know I love a cookie cutter house!

I am seriously itching to go back and take pictures because yall will be blown away by how grand this house is! The foyer is huge and it has a little niche I am already filling in my head.

Either way I can not take you on our moving journey.